Operations and Engagement are symbiotic. By investing meaningful time and energy into optimized and sustainable operations, engagement strategies can thrive.

Grau & Associates’ Engagement services include membership development, event management, advocacy, communications, marketing, and the myriad of membership services an association provides to benefit its members, attract new members, and advance its mission.


For many associations, annual membership dues are their lifeblood. Existing members support a host of essential initiatives including events, publications, research, advocacy, and policy advancement.

How We Can Help

Associations must be willing to innovate to provide consistent appeal and renewed value to members and retain their support. 

Equally important is appealing to new and varied audiences to find new members to join and support the association

Along the way, meaningful communication among members is crucial, as is implementing and promoting membership services that keep members engaged, invested, and active participants in the association’s broader purpose.

When G&A partners with an association to improve its membership retention, enrollment, and services, we start by evaluating the systems and services that work and those that do not. We work with association leadership to implement new or revised member retention strategies that reinforce the value and benefits of membership to current members

Simultaneously, we identify new recruitment sources and partners that can help diversify your membership pool and integrate new communities into your association’s ecosystem. 

While opening new digital and in-person membership recruitment channels, we assist with efforts to secure new members by phone, email, social media, or at events. We also develop marketing collateral ranging from membership handbooks/guides, membership drives, and more, to prompt action from both existing and potential members. 

As the recruitment and retention process unfolds, we manage and optimize your association’s member databases and communication channels to ensure that member registration, contact information, and internal connectivity is streamlined and accessible during and after the membership campaign.

By creating and properly managing membership services, associations support and promote the association’s central purpose. They keep members engaged, supportive, and generate new sources of non-dues income. 

Grau & Associates’ experienced team is committed to each part of the retention and recruitment process, equipped to manage the scheduling, marketing, and execution of all membership services while guaranteeing adherence to internal budgets and heightening member satisfaction.

“Grau & Associates not only helpedestablish APPS, it has also been instrumental in growing the association.”

Greg Gbur
Association of Professional Pipeline Surveyors

“When Grau & Associates began workingwith our association its first order of business was evaluating our finances and immediately finding ways to strengthen our fiscal position.”

Steve Strnisha
Invest in the United States of America

“Grau & Associates expertly walked us(and continues to shepherd IoTEA) through (these) requirements, record keeping, and compliance. G&A is an invaluable resource.”

Greg Puschnigg
Internet of Things Energy Association

“We were so satisfied with G&A’s ability tohelp us (do so), Aaron is now a member of the LRC board! We highly recommend his services.”

Shad Henderson
Neighborhood Allies

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