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Neighborhood Allies is a Pittsburgh-based community development organization and its work supports the region’s distressed communities and at-risk populations.  Its mission is, “to support the people, organizations and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods” and it does so by “creating community partnerships, connecting distressed and transitioning communities with valued/vetted resources, and communicating and celebrating progress and success.”

Among its many initiatives is guidance and networking for the Eva P. Mitchell Residences and the not-for-profit company, the Lemington Residential Corporation (LRC), that manages the property.  Eva P., as it’s called, provides section 8 and affordable housing to seniors and the LRC’s board of directors appealed to Neighborhood Allies to help it rejuvenate, develop better governance protocols, and improved ways to link with the community and support its residents.

To address the issue, Neighborhood Allies, on behalf of the Lemington Residential Corporation and the Eva P. Mitchell Residences, began working with Grau & Associates to reestablish and reinvigorate the LRC board.


Reexamine the LRC’s corporate structure, its bylaws, and existing protocols.  Revise its committee structure and establish clear links to the Eva P. residents and their community.  Establish a clear path forward to begin using its new tools not only by providing and explaining them to the board, but by identifying specific projects on which to exercise their revised systems.


G&A engaged the LRC board of directors with a three-part “Lemington Strategy:”

  1. Understand and organize the LRC’s corporate history and initial mission.
  2. Revise the board’s purpose and redraft its bylaws to reflect its current needs and priorities.
  3. Execute and test the revisions by identifying long-standing priorities and moving to address them through the board’s new perspective, new framework, and reenergized purpose.

The strategy worked and continues to work as the board brings on new and focused members, works with residents to better understand their needs and how to improve their quality of life, and partners with community resources to solve Eva P.’s problems.