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The National Organization of Rehabilitation Partners (NORP) formed as a counter-group to a similar association, the Consortium of State Agencies of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR).  Both groups focused on federal policy and best practices to support job training programs for individuals with disabilities.

CSAVR’s leadership was unwilling to adopt (or adapt) certain policy positions to meet all its members’ concerns.  Additionally, some members felt CSAVR’s general member services were lacking.  To address the issue, several CSAVR members broke away from the Consortium and established their own association, NORP.

G&A helped create NORP and managed the group’s operations and limited membership services although it was clear, from the organization’s inception, that its primary purpose was to force CSAVR to reconsider its policy positions and improve its membership services.


NORP made several advancements on behalf of people with disabilities, but once CSAVR capitulated on key policy issues and service improvements, NORP’s members agreed that it was time to wind their organization down and transfer its established political capital to CSAVR for the benefit of all its members and the people they serve.

NORP’s leadership did not want to abandon the goodwill they’d established with new partners or through its advocacy efforts, so it turned to G&A to help wind down the organization and assure ALL its assets were preserved and no liability or exposure remained for NORP members.


G&A systematically addressed all of NORP’s assets from its bank account to its advocacy relationships and worked to assure their safe dismantling.  G&A also appropriately and timely discontinued NORP’s lobbying registrations and alerted the State of Virginia to its corporate dissolution.

No liability remained for any NORP member.  The organization was absolved of any financial or legal exposure and the political capital it developed was successfully transferred to CSAVR which was able to leverage it, along with its own, to continue advocacy work on behalf of individuals with disabilities.