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To succeed for its members, an established and developed association demands constant attention. Day-to-day activities and focused initiatives, such as annual meetings and board retreats, require a broad understanding of an association’s purpose and goals and consistent attention to every detail.

Providing Membership Services

Of course, it is never enough to create and offer membership services.  Associations must implement them; run them consistently, manage their costs, and market/communicate them.  Membership services support and promote the association’s purpose.  They keep members engaged and supportive and may even be a source of additional non-dues income.

Grau & Associates’ experienced team manages membership services, their scheduling, marketing, execution, internal budgets, and necessary vendor relationships.  G&A’s team of lobbyists, event planners, writers, social media experts, and interns assure attention to detail, each benefit’s success, and all members’ satisfaction.

Legal Compliance

Association management requires attention to an association’s legal requirements that may include, but may not be limited to corporate reporting to state authorities, annual IRS filings such as form-990, and quarterly lobbying registrations/reporting.

Grau & Associates maintain “compliance calendars” for its association clients to assure all reports and forms are filed timely and correctly.

Budget Oversight

Based on a dues schedule (itself based on a membership structure, i.e. membership types, levels, or categories), anticipated numbers of members, and forecasted “non-dues income” and association can anticipate its monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue.

Based on its established goals and costs to move toward those goals (i.e. increased membership, policy change, education outcomes, events, etc.) and association can anticipate its monthly, quarterly, and annual costs.

Grau & Associates, in conjunction with an association’s board, finance committee, or both will oversee the association’s budget; its revenue vs. its costs.  G&A will provide routine, but no less than quarterly, reports to the board and/or finance committee and an annual budget report to the full membership.

Routine Communications

Some communications to and among association members are formal and considered a membership service such as newsletters or perhaps social media posts.  However, Grau & Associates is proud of its efforts, in fact its culture, to communicate often with and among its association client members and their leadership.

Grau & Associates is dedicated to its clients and works hard to provide seamless services regardless of size, location, or timing.  That means open dialogues, and easy, honest, and frequent communication.

Meetings and Events

Perhaps nothing is more emblematic for associations than their…associating!  Meetings and events, however, require hard work:  logistics, planning, and support.  Board meetings and even simple committee gatherings need preparation:  agendas, supporting documents or hand-outs, conference call dial-ins, or on-site planning.  Larger events like annual meetings, conferences, or lobbying “fly-ins” require exponentially more.

Grau & Associates’ team will attend to every detail of every meeting from invitations, audio-visuals, room rentals, food, guest speakers, etc. to follow-up including minutes, notes, and even satisfaction surveys.