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G&A engages clients at all stages of an association’s life cycle.  We help clients through an association’s entire life cycle and can support their efforts one at a time during any stop along the way.

1. Establishing

Before it can grow and support its members’ priorities, an association must have a solid foundation, correct and appropriate beginnings, and a clear vision forward. Learn More

2. Developing

Once an association is established, its members must come together and dig deeper to develop the organization’s framework; the rules and protocols that will direct its activities. Learn More

3. Managing

To succeed for its members, an established and developed association demands constant attention. Day-to-day activities and focused initiatives, such as annual meetings and board retreats, require a broad understanding of an association’s purpose and goals and consistent attention to every detail. Learn More

4. Expanding

A well-managed association will soon find (and need) opportunities to expand and build new ways to benefit its members. Learn More

5. Winding Down

Not all associations are meant to last forever. Some come together to accomplish a specific goal and when it’s done its members often decide to undo what they’ve built and distribute the organization’s assets whether financial, political, or programmatic. Learn More